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CWRUandMe is a social network for students, alumni, faculty, and staff of Case Western Reserve University. Members are automatically connected to all other members so that they can discover new people, events to attend, campus trends, and more things than they ever could on a general purpose network.

Members can browse through information on events taking place on and around campus. They can make new connections with people of similar interests. Campus-wide discussions can start on any topic, from which no one will be excluded. Students can secretly share their "crushes" on each other and more easily arrange romantic dates (crushes are not revealed to those involved until they are mutual; i.e. two people are interested in each other).

Additionally, CWRUandMe is a work in progress. I am excited to share this service with the community, gather feedback, and innovate. Firstly, I am working to create a development platform so that members can develop their own apps for the network. There are many things to come for Case Western Reserve's spontaneous social network, CWRUandMe. Log in and see what CWRUandMe is all about.